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Over $11,000 Donated in our First Week!



420,000,000,000 STOGE

  • 4% Buy Tax (3% AutoNuke, 1% Biggest Buyer)

  • 12% Sell Tax Reduceable to 4% by Flipping a Coin!

  • 3% Auto Nuke Liquidity! Thanks Uncle Smol!

  • 4% Max Buy and Max Wallet

  • 1% Perpetual Hourly Biggest Buyer Payouts

  • 100% of Fees Donated to Charities

The Main Goal in creating Stoner Doge is to donate to Cannabis Related Charities and help fund Organizations backing the many people incarcerated due to Cannabis Crimes worldwide

Greenpaper and Phase Map

More than a Meme

Stoner Doge will become the next Meme to make a difference in the world. Stoner Doge is made to support the Cannabis Community as a whole

Frequently Asked Questions

What charities will you support?

In no particular preference, we will donate to:

  • N.O.R.M.L.
  • MAPS
  • Marijuana Policy Project
  • Realm of Caring
  • Sapphire Medical Foundation
  • Last Prisoner Project
  • Any Other Worthy Charity!

How do we know funds are safe?

  • L.P. Tokens are locked for 1 week, after which they will be burned!
  • Transparent Updates will be posted often via our Social Media Channels

Who are the developers and team?

  • Our team is comprised of an experienced developer, a kick-ass marketer, and one Very Stoned Doge. It is our mission to make Stoner Doge a household name!
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Stoner Doge, LLC

Other questions? Email us at StonerDoge@protonmail.com